A Peaceful Person

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Marshalee Reid


We live in a world full of mass shooting, rape, child molestation and other horrendous crimes. Today crime rates are higher than the previous generation. When a person looks at the news channel or read the newspaper, a horrendous crime is always committed. The right to bear arms is upheld by the second amendment to the United States of America constitution. There are many reasons why a peaceful person would carry a gun such as to protect themselves from violent criminals and to be empowered.

One reason a peaceful person would carry a gun is for protection. No one should be worried about walking late at nights or asking a person for directions. Self- defense is the basic national unit of protection. People use pepper spray, walk with pocketknife, and take defensive lessons so that they are prepared to protect themselves from violent criminals. This form of protection is used when criminal is up close while a gun allows a person to protect themselves from a distance. However, a peaceful person is more likely to be shot during an assault than those without a gun in the same situation.

Another reason is feeling empowered. When a peaceful person carries a gun, knowing that they can defend themselves and neighbors is incredibly empowering. Carrying a gun and knowing how to use it safely makes them feel safe, responsible, confident, more valuable to their family or community and even feel respected. A peaceful person would feel less dependent for their personal security and safety. However, children can get a hold of the gun and accidentally shoot themselves or others. There are also instances people accidentally shoot others thinking that they were intruders.

People defend themselves with gun all the time, usually without pulling the trigger but by brandishing it. Every individual belief is different from the other. Their situations, culture, background, or community may influence their decision on why they bear arms. Therefore, we must understand the reason a peaceful person would carry a gun while others do not.


GLLN 121 Essay Rubric
Criteria Ratings
Contains sound ideas which are developed through relevant examples
Contains effective thesis statement, topic sentences, introduction, body and conclusion and clear transition
Occasional errors in tenses and subject-verb agreement that do not affect overall coherence
Sentence Structure
High Pass
Skillful use of sentence structure
Mechanics, diction and usage
Few errors in punctuation and spelling, few errors in usage and diction
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