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Take Your Dog to Work



Subject:   Bring Your Dog to Work Day






Dear Mr. Smith,


I am writing to you regarding the Bring Your Dog to Work Day policy that our office is considering instituting. I wanted to say that although most employees may argue against this policy, I am all for it! I know from experience that bringing your dog to work can have some positive benefits. Dogs are natural stress relievers. Looking at a cute face or petting soft fur can ease tension and bring happiness to the workday.                 

Bringing your dog to work can also improve communication and encourage conversation between colleagues, helping them get to know each other personally before jumping into the more serious work-related talk.  Dogs can bring a fun energy to the office and help employees feel more creative.  Dogs require occasional walks, which is an excellent way for us to take mental breaks. Those breaks may motivate creative innovations and encourage someone to develop a new solution to a task they have been working on.

At my previous job at Stan’s Sports World across from Yankees Stadium, I often brought my dog Ollie to work with me. The presence of Ollie changed the attitudes of customers the moment they walked our door. It encouraged conversation and almost always brought out a smile, even from the most stoic customers. One service that we offered was bag storage.  Because you are not allowed to bring laptops or other banned items into the stadium, we provided a service to the customers allowing them to leave their belongings with us for the duration of the Yankees game for a fee. Often customers would be anxious to leave their personal items with strangers and infuriated by the Yankees Stadium policy.                     Customers would come into our store with anger and frustration. When they angrily stormed the desk to check-in, something happened. The customer unexpectedly came to find a fluffy face with big brown eyes looking up at them and a wagging tail. Their moods immediately changed. Even if they were not a dog person, it was hard to ignore my pint-sized pal sitting proudly in Yankees pinstripes.

I am looking forward to seeing the new policy take effect. I assure you; this will be a positive change in the office setting. Time and time again, I have watched stress melt away by the paws of my furry companion.



Kristyn Marcondes


GLLN 121 Essay Rubric (4)
Criteria Ratings
High Pass
Fully develops ideas through analysis with exceptional clarity or originality.
High Pass
Richly and skillfully develops thesis statement with well delineated support
High Pass
Very few, if any grammatical errors
Sentence Structure
High Pass
Skillful use of sentence structure
Mechanics, diction and usage
High Pass
Very few, if any errors in punctuation or spelling; very few if any errors in usage and diction.
Total Points: 25



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